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  • How an Artificial Neural Network Works

    If you’re interested in learning about getting some of the basics of artificial intelligence, a good place to start is an article on ANNs, just published by Janik Tinz.

    From the article:

    An artificial neural network uses biology as a model. Such a network consists of artificial neurons (also called nodes) and connections (also called edges) between these neurons. A neural network has one or more hidden layers, each layer consisting of several neurons. Each neuron in each layer receives the output of each neuron in the previous layer as input. Each input to the neuron is weighted. The following figure shows a Feed Forward Neural Network. In such a network, the connections between the nodes are acyclic.

    The full article can be found here.

  • Answerbot for Huggingface Transformers Library Released

    A helpful chatbot that answers all sorts of questions about the Huggingface transformers library has been released.

    Check it out.

  • Careers in AI that Positively Impact Society

    Jair Ribeiro has a nice article asking us if there are careers in AI that can positively impact society. From the article:

    Through Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to combat violence against women; assist lawyers, law firms, and departments with document analysis and monitoring of changes in legislation; assist clients with financial matters; make farmers have better productivity; help the elderly to have a better quality of life, among thousands of other things.

    AI advancements will be no less significant. For example, AI will soon be able to accelerate drug discovery and green energy research.

    Ribeiro goes on to describe in detail some AI related jobs that can improve society.

    See the full article here.

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